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Kingwood Photo lab was started in 1985 to provide quality photo services to the Kingwood area. Over the years, we have become well known for being able to do a wide variety of services that many others can't. With the rise in popularit of home videos, we offer DVD transfer services for almost all older analog formats from 8mm projector reels to miniDV cassettes. 

Kingwood Photo Lab is the only Kodak Express (KEX) store in Texas. Offering a full service center, we're capable of printing sizes small enough for a locket, or as large as 24"x36" posters. 

If you have any questions about our products or services, please call us for any additional information. 
Kingwood Photo Lab Happy to Help
The following is an article written about us in the local Tribune paper
Monday, August 12, 2013
By Ryan Graham
During 28 years in business, Kingwood Photo Lab has seen customers ranging from local friendly faces to out-of-towners to celebrities to former presidents.

“We’ve had a lot of famous people come in over the years,” said owner Steve Khalaf. “Nowadays it’s mostly through email, but we get commercial work from individuals and from groups like the Texans and Rockets.”

Khalaf has titled one of the store’s walls the “Wall of Fame,” which is adorned with photos of famous figures that Kingwood Photo Lab has worked with over the years. Celebrities who show up on the wall include George Foreman, George H.W. Bush, the Houston Rockets and Texans, and Power Rangers star Jason David Frank. Khalaf prides his business on the wide array of customers it brings in, who Khalaf says regularly come in from as far as Beaumont, The Woodlands and Nacogdoches.

“A lot of people say the business is dying out,” said Khalaf. “We’re one of the last businesses that does both film and digital photo work in Houston. My business comes from the fact that people hear about my work and they know I do a good job. If it’s not good, I don’t want to give it to the customer.”

Khalaf says his business offers a wide variety of service for both film and digital photo processing, and that Kingwood Photo Lab will never turn a customer down, and can handle photos in any format.

“We process everything in-house. We handle film, digital photos, we have the equipment to burn photos and videos onto DVDs,” said Khalaf. “We can even print your cell phone photos as full-sized prints, something people have told me in the past they haven’t bothered with or have trouble doing.”

The Khalaf family is well known and respected in the community. Khalaf has also been maintaining himself and his business as an acting and giving part of the community. Khalaf is an active member of the Kingwood Chamber of Commerce, participating in many of its community functions, and offering services to local organizations. Such examples include student organizations from Kingwood High School, performances at the Kingwood Theatre, or even senior citizens putting together a genealogy scrapbook.

Here are a few words from our customers who like what we have done.

From: Lou

My photos etc., arrived yesterday afternoon. I am so pleased with the work you guys did for me. I never dreamed that the old photos I sent you could be restored to that degree. And my Dad on his "goat cart" restoration was fantastic. I loved the background you added and also the stand you made for me. My dad took his "goat cart" every Saturday morning to the square in Evant, Texas and gave rides around the square for one cent each. Then he spent that money at the lemonade stand and would go home every Saturday afternoon sick as a dog from all the lemonade he consumed. Also I did not realize that another baby existed in the family photo of my Grandfather's family. By the way you did a great job on my aunt in my grandfather's lap, as I could barely bring her out in the photos I made.
Thanks again for such wonderful work.

From: Rick

"Dear Steve,
Since our relocation to Kingwood three years ago, we have used your Kingwood Photo Lab for our photo processing. It is very important for me to get the highest quality prints possible, which is the reason why I let you process all of my prints. In every location we have resided I have sought out the best photo shop for processing my photos. I would take three negatives or digital images of prints processed previously to different photo labs. Then I would compare which is the best. When we moved to Kingwood, I took three images from our Alaska trip, printed by a photo shop, at our previous residence. I compared your three prints to the same prints from this last photo processor. I was amazed that two of the three were of a higher quality and the third was equal. I have given you thousands of digital images for prints and the quality is just outstanding! Just recently I gave you about 2000 images from old 35mm slides loaded in my computer. I was shocked of the superb quality of these prints. The print images are better than what I have in the computer. I am very impressed of your superb quality work. I was amazed that you look at each one of these 2000 images for improving each image. Your quality can’t be any greater! When I bring my CD of images to you, I know I can expect the highest quality possible for prints. I believe if anyone takes three images printed at a different photo processor to your shop they will find your prints of a higher quality. I’m confident of this. I want the highest quality possible for my prints and this is what I can expect from Kingwood Photo Lab.
Thanks for the superb quality work your photo shop gives.

From: Doris

"THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCHH!! Your expertise and promptness in producing my AWESOME Christmas
cards was INCREDIBLE!!!
Hope y'all have a WONDERFUL weekend. . and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
One happy customer!!

From: Parkinson  To: Don

"Hello Don and Bonnie,
Regarding your precious photos...my husband reminded me that I have had good success with a local photo shop...Kingwood Photo located on W Lake Houston Parkway just across the bridge in Kingwood. The gentleman who owns it has been in business all his life and I have used him for over 20 years. Most of his work is done on the premises so no problems sending them off through the US Mail, etc. He is a Professional and will treat your photos, etc with respect and care. I highly recommend him. He has accomplished some wonderful things with photos for me over the years. His number is 281.360.8998. He is located on the right going North, in a strip center, 8Ljust before the Alspaugh Hardware Store.
I look forward to more happy occasions.
Best regards"

From: Kingwood Band Boosters, Inc.

"Dear Mr. Khalaf,
On behalf of the Kingwood Band Boosters, we would like to thank you for all that you did to make the keepsake photo of the Kingwood Mighty Mustang Military Marching Band on our recent trip to Chicago such a work of art!!!!!
It is just fantastic what you did to create this wonderful picture of our awesome band and directors. We so appreciate the time and effort that was put into the finished photo.
Again, thank you for such a treasured captured moment in time of our great band.
Terri Gibson
Kingwood Band Boosters
President, '08-'09" 

From: Rich

"I compliment Steve, Dylan and Marsha on their expertise to process my 35mm film after Sams, Costco, Walgreens and CVS in Houston discontinued that service. Their friendly personal service is invaluable. It took a me while to find out about them and I'm so glad I did. The results were spectacular, completed several days ahead of schedule, at a fair price with no surprises. Well worth the visit to beautiful Kingwood. " 

From: G

Just wanted to share with you a little heartwarming story. My sister in law has been in a coma following a brain hemorrhage - which was a complication from surgery. She is at Memorial Herman hospital. We heard that we should bring pictures to help the nursing staff to identify with her as a real person. On the night I brought these pictures to the hospital, we were showing them to the nurses and talking about the people photographed, my sister in law started moving around trying to say something. Her friend said, "Oh, Rami, do you want to see the pictures?" She nodded 'yes.' She could barely open her eyes but she tried so hard and looked at the photos for a few seconds. The nurses were so excited they hugged us! They said, "That's real progress! She's coming out of it!" The next morning she woke up completely and was talking up a storm! I don't know if you have ever before been able to claim that your prints brought someone out of a coma... but now you can ;) Thank you! Pictures are important. VERY.